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Summer Is Coming to a Close

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OK, this blog post may be premature. But with school looming in just a few short weeks (1 day less than three weeks, to be exact), it sure feels like summer is coming to a close. Now I should maybe clarify: I do not care that summer as a season is coming to a close. It’s quite frankly too hot, and I much prefer fall, spring, or even, dare I say it, winter. But I’m definitely sad my break is ending. Why, you might ask? Well, even if you didn’t ask and don’t want to know, I’ll tell you. Feel free to post TL:DR and get the heck out. ;–)

The first and foremost reason I’m bummed school is starting is the homework. Sure, I’ve been working full time this summer, and as such have been “busy”….but it’s a different kind of busy. When I go home from work, work stays at work. However, school always comes home with me, in the form of homework. Some homework isn’t even too bad, and a few assignments can actually be pretty fun, but with one of my classes being a writing class, I have little hope for a good chunk of my homework. Ah well, life goes on.

The writing class I mentioned actually is the whole of the second reason I don’t want to go back to school: boring, stupid, ridiculous classes. I don’t deny that writing is an important skill, but the path to gaining that skill is a long, boring one. Ugh.

However, on the bright side (yes, there’s definitely a bright side), I’m also taking some classes about which I’m pretty excited! Computer Systems promises to be a very interesting class, despite its reputation as being a fairly difficult class. I’m also taking Engineering Probability and Statistics (which doesn’t sound half bad to me, but then again I’m weird), as well as Models of Computation (about which I’m pretty excited). All in all it’s shaping up to be a good semester, I think, especially since I feel I’ve recovered nicely from the burnout of last semester. One can only hope that feeling lasts. =)

In the meantime, we still have a fun family camping trip coming up this next weekend, and then I’ll have a week and a half of relative freedom remaining before school starts….I guess I need to go see when I can buy my new parking permit. And the list begins! =\